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Africa Savannah Safaris - Plan Your Trip

Everything you need to know about planning your trip !

Africa Savannah Safari - Airport

Airport collection and drop-off

Except when otherwise arranged, your designated professional hunter (PH) will be waiting for you at the airport. Your PH will be dressed in branded clothing and will be waiting for you outside the arrivals gate. As you exit the gate, move to the right and be on the lookout for him. He will also assist in collecting your firearms, if applicable, from the South African Police services firearms office. Your Designated PH will also be responsible for your safe return to the airport where he will also assist until you are checked in and has cleared customs.

Africa Savannah Safari - documentation


The safari documentation includes your invitation to hunt, your quotation, a copy of our price list as well as the indemnity form. These documents include all the necessary details of your hunt as well as important terms and conditions.

Invitation to hunt:

Your invitation to hunt is an essential requirement should you whish to import your personal firearms into the country.


The document is also a contractual agreement between yourself and Africa Savannah Safari’s (your outfitter), requiring to be signed by both parties. The document contains full details of your hunt (i.e. the rates of animals you pre-selected as well as daily rates where applicable). Details about specific inclusions and exclusions as well as information on trophy handling. The document also contains our terms and conditions and is designed to protect both parties to the contract.

Indemnity form and price list:

Our indemnity form will be mailed to you prior to departure, please print and bring a signed copy with you. In case you forget, your PH will have a copy at hand. It is essential that a signed copy in his possession before departure. Should you have questions about the indemnity form or any other issues, do not hesitate to ask.

Firearm Import

Important paperwork is involved when it comes to the temporary importation of your rifles to Southern Africa. We will mail the appropriate forms to you and if necessary, provide assistance in filling them out. We strongly advise to make use of a company specializing in obtaining your permit(s) before arrival as this will simplify matters significantly.

Should you however decide to do it yourself, this is the procedure to follow when importing a firearm into South Africa for hunting purposes.

Complete the temporary firearm import permit application (SAP520) in advance (if possible). Note that the form must be completed in black ink and must remain unsigned until the document is finalized in front of the police official issuing the actual permit at the airport. In addition to the SAP 520, have the following documents handy:

·         Your passport

·         Return airline ticket

·         Letter of invitation to hunt - from your hunting outfitter(s)

·         Proof of ownership (CBP Form 4457- Certificate of Registration for personal effects taken abroad)

·         Proof of export from country of origin (CBP Form 4457- Certificate of Registration for personal effects take abroad)

·         Letter of motivation (A letter written by yourself to motivate why you wish to import rifles)

The following firearms and ammunition will not be allowed to enter South Africa:

·         Any automatic or semi-automatic firearms

·         More than one firearm per calibre per person

·         More than 200 rounds of ammunition per person per firearm

·         Any pistol or revolver (unless specified for hunting)

Your application for a temporary import permit will be refused and your firearms and ammunition will be confiscated and will only be handed back to you when you depart back to your country of residence.

Please take note that only the Central Firearm Registrar in Pretoria, South Africa can authorize special applications for the above restrictions. These applications have to be made in advance and must reach them no later than 3 (three) weeks before your arrival. You will need a special motivation letter for this.

On arrival at OR Tambo International in Johannesburg

1.   Disembark from aircraft and clear passport control in whichever terminal the flight arrives. (Generally, SAA and its co-partners at Terminal 2, and all other airlines at Terminal 1)

2.   Proceed to baggage claim at the respective carousel. Pick up general baggage. Your firearms will be delivered directly to the SAPS firearms office

3.   For visitors with firearms arriving at Terminal 2:
Proceed to the SAPS Firearms Office. Look for office signs. Location of the SAPS Firearms Office in Terminal 2 - in front of the Post Office
For visitors with firearms arriving at Terminal 1:
Proceed to the firearm office that is situated in Terminal 2 in front of the Post Office

4.   On arrival at the SAPS Firearm Office, have the necessary documentation available for inspection

5.   Your firearms and ammunition will be physically inspected to ensure that the serial numbers match those of the licenses and the application forms. You will then be asked to wait while your application is being processed

6.   When your application has been processed and your permit has been issued, you will have to sign for the permit. If you are connecting to other flights, please make sure that you allow ample time for this process (at least 3 hours)


Africa Savannah Safari - Medication


Some medical considerations should be taken into account when traveling to Southern Africa. Preventative measures against malaria and vaccinations especially when visiting Zimbabwe and Tanzania should be up to date. Medical precautions should be discussed with your personal physician.

Malaria: If you are traveling to the north-eastern part of South Africa, Northern parts of KZN including the lowveld near the Kruger National Park as well as any destination in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique or Zambia, it is prudent to consider and discuss anti-malaria prophylactics with your doctor. We strongly advise against children younger than six years to travel to any malaria area.

Allergies: Dust and pollen may aggravate allergies you might have. Consult your doctor regarding precautions which can be taken in this regard. Remember that spring (September) is known as "allergy season", due to the high occurrence of flowering plants. Remember to communicate any food allergies so that camp staff are duly prepared for your arrival.

Prescription Medication:

If you plan to arrive with prescription medication, we suggest that bring along your prescription as well as the original boxes/containers in which you received your medication.

Medical Facilities:

South Africa has world-class medical facilities. Our medical doctors are highly regarded world wide. Africa Savannah Safaris does not offer medical or travel insurance. Ensure that this is arranged prior to departure in you home country in the unlikely event of a medical emergency.

Africa Savannah Safari - What to pack

Rifles / Calibre
s and what to pack:

Although a highly controversial subject we suggest you bring standard hunting calibres (30-06 Spr, 280 Rem, 308 Win, 7mm x 57 Mauser, etc) for your African Safari. The minimum calibre for Small and medium plains game should be 6.5mm. Other calibres worth considering, provided you are comfortable using it, are .300 W/M, 7mm RM (and others in the same class). In the case of dangerous game the minimum calibre allowed by legislation is .375 H&H. Bring ammunition loaded with heavy for calibre bullets.

Personal affects and clothing to bring:

·        Raincoat

·         Sunscreen - minimum SPF 20 (odourless)

·         Wide brimmed hat

·         Hunting clothes, earth colours or camo (Note: camo is prohibited in Zimbabwe)

·         A thick jacket in die winter - it gets cold during the evenings

·         Gloves and scarf

·         Two pairs of worn-in boots

·         Three pairs of thick socks

·         Personal medication

·         Camera or Cellular phone

·         Rifle

·         Ammunition

·         Binoculars

·         Insect repellent

·         Electrical converter/adaptor – the South African network is 220V

Africa Savannah Safari - TaxidermyTaxidermy:

Although we do not handle the taxidermy of your trophies, we work with trusted partners to ensure peace of mind. We are however, tasked with the permits and documentation for the exportation of your trophies.

Trophies can be shipped either raw (dipped and packed) or mounted. In the case of a raw shipment your trophies will be sent to your country and to a taxidermist of your choice after being thoroughly treated according to requirements. The regulations and procedures for exporting varies depending on the species hunted but our partners are well versed in what is required.

We work closely with Marakalalo Taxidermy for the raw preparation and mounting of trophies in South Africa as well as with Universal Trophy Services for raw preparation.

Information concerning taxidermy work:
  • Only one client per crate is allowed
  • The “dry out period” for trophies is a minimum of 90 days before shipping
  • Warthog trophies needs a transport permit issued by the state veterinarian in the area
  • Shipping costs can only be finalized by the time trophies are dropped off at the shipping company
  • No raw rodents may be exported (porcupine, etc.)
  • Warthog must be packed in a separate crate
  • Raw and processed products can not be shipped together

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