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10 Crucial Facts when Hunting

  1. Permits and licenses: Ensure that you have obtained all the necessary permits and licenses required for hunting in the specific country and region you plan to hunt in.
  2. Experienced guide: Hire an experienced and reputable guide who knows the hunting area, hunting laws and regulations, and can ensure your safety.
  3. Proper gear: Bring proper hunting gear including high-quality rifles, ammunition, and other necessary hunting equipment.
  4. Physical fitness: Hunting in Africa often requires long walks and tracking through the wilderness, so it’s essential to be physically fit.
  5. Respect for the environment: It is important to respect the environment and wildlife. Follow ethical hunting practices that prioritize conservation and sustainability.
  6. Cultural awareness: Be respectful of the local culture and customs. It’s important to learn about the customs and beliefs of the people in the area you plan to hunt in.
  7. Respect for the animal: Treat the animals with respect and dignity. Do not hunt for sport and avoid excessive trophy hunting.
  8. Safety measures: Follow all necessary safety measures to ensure your safety and the safety of your guide and others in the area.
  9. Communication: Keep lines of communication open with your guide and others in your hunting party. Ensure that you have a way to communicate in case of emergencies.
  10. Medical considerations: Bring all necessary medications and vaccines required for the area you plan to hunt in. It’s important to be prepared for any medical emergencies that may arise.

Shot placement for Big Game Hunting

Shot placement is one of the most important factors to consider when hunting African game. Well placed shots will not only greatly aid in finding your trophy, it will also ensure a humane and ethical hunt. In this short article, we will discuss everything you need to know.

The first thing to consider when it comes to shot placement is the anatomy of the animal you are hunting. The anatomy of African species differ somewhat from that of Northern hemisphere species as the lungs are smaller due to the differences in climate. Africa is a lot warmer than the typical hunting areas in the northern hemisphere. The placement of the vital organs within the animal also differ slightly from species to species and so does the bone structure.  Damage to any organ will lead to death BUT shots hitting the brain, heart, lungs and spine will ensure a quick and humane kill. We also know the heart and lungs forms the largest cluster of vital organs and hunters are well advised to focus on this “cluster” when hunting African Big Game. The shape of this cluster of organs is similar in all species, just remember that the size differ according to the size of your target animal. Another important factor to consider is the angle of the shot. Shots at animals facing the hunter be it at an angle or straight on, is more difficult than shots from broadside on or quartering away. The primary reason for this is the fact that heavy bone protects the vitals from a frontal angle while broadside and shots angled in from behind avoids heavy bone. This is particularly important for bow hunters as their equipment is not ideally suited to deal with and reliably penetrate heavy bone.  

The question begs, is there a simple solution to all of this? The good news is yes, there is! When you consider the typical triangular shape of the heart-lung cluster; you will find that one point is positioned at the bottom and the other two above. It is almost as if the so called “death triangle” is balanced on this point. This “bottom point” represents the bottom point of the heart. In fact, the heart basically makes up the bottom third of the “Death triangle” while the top to thirds are made up by the lungs (See the diagram). Logically the ideal place to aim your shot would be the centre of the “death triangle” as this would give you the best chance of humanely harvesting your trophy, leaving you with almost six inches room for error in any direction on even an animal as small as a Springbuck. So, great we now know we need to aim at the centre of the death-triangle or top of the heart but when you look at the animal, where is this point? The simple wat to explain is to go straight up the front leg, and one third up into the body of an animal standing perfectly broadside on (see photograph). On animals quartering away the shot can be aimed “in the crease” and one third up (from the belly line), while shots on animals quartering on should be aimed on the point of the shoulder or just in front of the closes front leg and one third up the body. Quartering on shots should ONLY be considered with heavy caliber rifles loaded with premium bullets and should NEVER be attempted with a bow!

While preparing for your African hunting adventure, remember to practice shooting with your chosen caliber and bullet, if you will be using your guide’s rifle use something similar. This goes a long way in making sure you will be comfortable and confident with your equipment. Also practice shooting from “shooting sticks” from the standing, kneeling and sitting positions. Finally, it’s important to be patient and wait for the right opportunity to take your shot. Rushing a shot or taking a risky shot can result in a wounded and lost trophy.

In conclusion, shot placement is a critical aspect of big game hunting in Africa. Marksmanship and good understanding the anatomy of the animal you are hunting will ensure a memorable hunt.

Walk and Stalk Hunting in Africa

An Unforgettable Experience

Africa is a continent that is renowned for its vast and diverse wildlife. From majestic elephants to agile antelopes, the continent boasts an array of wildlife that is unparalleled anywhere in the world. One of the most exciting ways to experience the beauty of African wildlife is through walk and stalk hunting.

Walk and stalk hunting, also known as spot-and-stalk hunting, is a technique that involves spotting game from a distance and then stalking them on foot. This hunting method is particularly popular in Africa, where it allows hunters to experience the beauty of the continent’s landscape up close and personal.

Walking and stalking hunting in Africa offers an adventure that is unlike any other. It allows hunters to explore the wilderness of the African Savannah, where they can witness firsthand the beauty of the wildlife and the environment. It requires a high level of skill and patience, as hunters must be able to spot game from a distance and then approach them stealthily on foot.

In addition to the thrill of the hunt, walking and stalking hunting in Africa also offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature. It allows hunters to experience the African landscape up close and personal, and to immerse themselves in the environment. Walking and stalking hunting is a truly authentic way to experience the beauty of Africa and its wildlife.

When embarking on a walking and stalking hunting trip in Africa, it is important to work with a reputable outfitter. A good outfitter will not only provide hunters with the necessary equipment and guide services, but they will also ensure that the hunt is conducted in an ethical and sustainable manner. Many African countries have strict regulations on hunting, and it is important to follow these rules to ensure the conservation of wildlife.

Walking and stalking hunting in Africa can be a truly unforgettable experience. It offers the opportunity to connect with nature, witness the beauty of African wildlife up close, and experience the thrill of the hunt. With the guidance of an experienced outfitter, hunters can embark on an adventure that will create memories that will last a lifetime.

In conclusion, walking and stalking hunting in Africa is a unique and thrilling adventure that offers hunters the opportunity to experience the beauty of African wildlife up close and personal. With the help of a reputable outfitter, hunters can embark on a sustainable and ethical hunt that will create unforgettable memories. Whether you are an experienced hunter or a first-time visitor to Africa, walking and stalking hunting is an experience that should not be missed.

Hunting in Africa: A Thrilling Adventure

Africa is a continent known for its vast and diverse wildlife. From majestic elephants to agile antelopes, Africa boasts an array of wildlife that is unparalleled anywhere in the world. For centuries, hunting has been a way of life in Africa, and it remains a popular activity for both locals and tourists. If you’re looking for a thrilling adventure, then hunting in Africa should definitely be on your bucket list.

Before embarking on a hunting trip to Africa, it’s important to do your research and find a reputable hunting outfitter. A good outfitter will not only provide you with the necessary equipment and guide services, but they will also ensure that your hunt is conducted in an ethical and sustainable manner. Many African countries have strict regulations on hunting, and it’s important to follow these rules to ensure the conservation of wildlife.

There are several types of hunting experiences that you can have in Africa. One popular option is a big game hunt, where you’ll have the opportunity to hunt large animals such as lions, leopards, and buffalo. These hunts require a high level of skill and patience, as these animals are elusive and dangerous. However, with the guidance of an experienced guide, you’ll have a thrilling and unforgettable experience.

Another popular hunting option in Africa is a plains game hunt. This type of hunt is focused on smaller game such as impala, kudu, and wildebeest. These animals may not be as large as their big game counterparts, but they still offer a challenging and exciting hunt.

No matter what type of hunting experience you choose, the African landscape provides a stunning backdrop for your adventure. From the rolling savannahs to the dense jungles, Africa’s terrain is as diverse as its wildlife. You’ll have the opportunity to experience the beauty of Africa firsthand and create memories that will last a lifetime.

While hunting in Africa can be a thrilling experience, it’s important to remember that it should always be conducted in a responsible and ethical manner. As a hunter, you have a responsibility to respect the animals you’re hunting and the environment in which they live. By working with a reputable outfitter and following the regulations set forth by the local government, you can help ensure that Africa’s wildlife is protected for generations to come.

In conclusion, hunting in Africa is a thrilling adventure that offers a unique and unforgettable experience. With the guidance of an experienced outfitter, you can have the opportunity to hunt some of the most iconic wildlife on the planet while experiencing the beauty of Africa’s diverse landscape. However, it’s important to always remember to hunt responsibly and ethically to ensure the conservation of Africa’s wildlife for future generations.

Africa Savannah Safaris is a family owned and operated business, striving to become a leading service provider in the hunting, touring and game viewing industry. We aim to serve clients that are passionate about hunting, wildlife and nature. We are committed in pursuing the essence of hunting and our promise to you, is exceptional service delivery by every member of our team. Ultimately our aim is to build long term relationships providing our clients with a “hunting home” in Africa…

We pride ourselves in helping many  hunters to fulfil their African hunting dreams. Between us we have over sixty years of experience, this includes rifle hunting, wing shooting, bow hunting and guiding of fisherman both fresh and saltwater. We have hunted South Africa extensively and in partnership with reputable owners and concession holders’ offer hunting in other Southern African countries. It does not matter if you select the option of a tailor made safari, a package deal or one of our a special offers, rest assured that personal attention and attention to detail will always be paramount.

Our concessions are carefully selected large private game reserves with sound conservation strategies. They offer unique landscapes and a healthy biodiversity in terms of plant life and game indigenous to that specific area.

To assist in making your African dream a reality, we offer our extensive knowledge and expertise. At Africa Savannah Safaris our motto is “Excellence at an affordable price”. 

Tailor made Safari’s:

This is the full custom deal where the duration of the hunt and the selection of trophies are determined by yourself. The hunting area will be chosen in consultation with our professional staff, to suit your needs and requirements. The focus when opting for the custom option is to secure the best possible trophies of the selected species.

Package deals:

Packages generally include the daily rates as well as trophy prices for the selection of game to be hunted. The focus when we create these package deals is to offer value for money. Subject to availability, additional animals can be added to the list as per our price list.

Dangerous Game:

The most exhilarating hunting experiences on earth more often than not involve hunting for dangerous game. Hunting these animals are on almost every avid hunters “bucket list”.

Special Offers:

The aim of or Special offers is to provide exceptional value for money. As can be understood, availability will be very limited. Special offers can be viewed in the Special offers section and is updated on a regular basis.

Bird Hunting or Wing shooting:

As passionate bird hunters ourselves, we offer all-encompassing experience in this field. Options include organising a dedicated bird hunting safari, to the choice of some wing shooting to take a break from your trophy hunt. South Africa is blessed with a wide variety of huntable species. Hunting for certain game birds are seasonal; please contact us for guidance when planning your trip. 

Photographic Safari’s:

The extensive knowledge on wildlife, local game reserves and tourist attractions makes our guides the perfect choice should you prefer to visit Southern Africa on a photographic Safari. 

Non-hunting observers:

Observers are welcome on any hunt and can choose to observe the hunt, relax in camp or do day trips to local spa’s and tourist attractions at a nominal fee.

Fishing Options:

We offer a variety of fishing options from dedicated fishing Safaris for both Fresh and Saltwater species, to leisurely fishing for an afternoon whilst on your hunting safari.

Wings and Wine Special: (only 2 x packages available)

Book this for the ultimate in wing shooting and wine tasting. Aimed at the connoisseur, your group will be treated to world class wing shooting surrounded by the magnificent Cape Mountains and beautiful vineyards. When you are not hunting, your group will be treated to breathtaking scenery, magnificent meals and delectable Cape wines. You will stay in luxury and dine at some of the finest restaurants. Three days of wing-shooting combined with two days of wine tasting and sightseeing. The package is for groups of 4 to 8 hunters with or without their partners.

Package cost – $ 3250 per couple

* includes day trips, spa treatments and scenic tours for non-hunting partners

Guns can be hired and ammo will be supplied at cost.

White Hot Sable Special: (2 x packages available)

This “Sizzling Hot” Special includes hunting one of Africa’s iconic species at a price never to be repeated. The package is for one hunter and includes 5 hunting days and one trophy Sable.

Package cost – $ 4100

Package basis – 1 PH per hunter


 1x Trophy Sable Bull

There are only 2x packages available on a first come first serve basis

Cape Buffalo Special: (2 x packages available)

Hunting Africa’s “Black Death” is regarded by many hunters as the “ultimate hunt”.  At THIS price it is the opportunity of a lifetime! This hunting package is for 1x hunter and includes 7x hunting days and one trophy Buffalo Bull.

Package cost – $ 9500

Package basis – 1x PH per hunter


 1x Cape Buffalo Bull (Hard Boss)

There are only 2x packages available on a first come first serve basis. Book now to avoid disappointment!

“Black Wildebeest 50% off Special”: (only 2 x package available)

Black Wildebeest normally sell for $850, on this special offer you can hunt a trophy Black Wildebeest Bull for a mere $420.

Package basis – 1x PH per hunter, minimum 5 days


1x Black Wildebeest  $420

All you need to do is determine the duration of your hunt (min 5 days), select your date and add additional trophies to suit your needs.

 “Long-Range hunt”: (only 4 x packages available)

This “Long-Range” hunt is aimed at the hardcore long-range shooting enthusiast. Outstanding marksmanship is a prerequisite.

This Package includes 7 days accommodation and includes a Long-Range Hunting course as well as 2x trophies per hunter.

Package cost – $ 4450

1x Black or Blue Wildebeest

1x Blesbuck

Very Important:

At Africa Savannah Safaris we aim to consistently exceed expectations.  We hope to achieve this by offering quality hunts, genuine hospitality and professional conduct. 

Our packages are flexible. We can accommodate couples, families or groups of friends. Members of your party can participate in the hunt, observe or merely relax in camp. Day trips and visits to local tourist attractions can be arranged and you can even extend your stay, harvest additional trophies or add sight-seeing tours or photographic Safaris. We have a myriad of options to choose from and options include visits to world famous tourist attractions like Table Mountain, Sea Point and Robin Island as well as whale watching and boat trips to see, or cage-dive with Great White Sharks.

We guarantee that the memories you make, will last a lifetime!