Africa Savannah Safaris is a family owned and operated business, striving to become a leading service provider in the hunting, touring and game viewing industry. We aim to serve clients that are passionate about hunting, wildlife and nature. We are committed in pursuing the essence of hunting and our promise to you, is exceptional service delivery by every member of our team. Ultimately our aim is to build long term relationships providing our clients with a “hunting home” in Africa…

We pride ourselves in helping many  hunters to fulfil their African hunting dreams. Between us we have over sixty years of experience, this includes rifle hunting, wing shooting, bow hunting and guiding of fisherman both fresh and saltwater. We have hunted South Africa extensively and in partnership with reputable owners and concession holders’ offer hunting in other Southern African countries. It does not matter if you select the option of a tailor made safari, a package deal or one of our a special offers, rest assured that personal attention and attention to detail will always be paramount.

Our concessions are carefully selected large private game reserves with sound conservation strategies. They offer unique landscapes and a healthy biodiversity in terms of plant life and game indigenous to that specific area.

To assist in making your African dream a reality, we offer our extensive knowledge and expertise. At Africa Savannah Safaris our motto is “Excellence at an affordable price”. 

Tailor made Safari’s:

This is the full custom deal where the duration of the hunt and the selection of trophies are determined by yourself. The hunting area will be chosen in consultation with our professional staff, to suit your needs and requirements. The focus when opting for the custom option is to secure the best possible trophies of the selected species.

Package deals:

Packages generally include the daily rates as well as trophy prices for the selection of game to be hunted. The focus when we create these package deals is to offer value for money. Subject to availability, additional animals can be added to the list as per our price list.

Dangerous Game:

The most exhilarating hunting experiences on earth more often than not involve hunting for dangerous game. Hunting these animals are on almost every avid hunters “bucket list”.

Special Offers:

The aim of or Special offers is to provide exceptional value for money. As can be understood, availability will be very limited. Special offers can be viewed in the Special offers section and is updated on a regular basis.

Bird Hunting or Wing shooting:

As passionate bird hunters ourselves, we offer all-encompassing experience in this field. Options include organising a dedicated bird hunting safari, to the choice of some wing shooting to take a break from your trophy hunt. South Africa is blessed with a wide variety of huntable species. Hunting for certain game birds are seasonal; please contact us for guidance when planning your trip. 

Photographic Safari’s:

The extensive knowledge on wildlife, local game reserves and tourist attractions makes our guides the perfect choice should you prefer to visit Southern Africa on a photographic Safari. 

Non-hunting observers:

Observers are welcome on any hunt and can choose to observe the hunt, relax in camp or do day trips to local spa’s and tourist attractions at a nominal fee.

Fishing Options:

We offer a variety of fishing options from dedicated fishing Safaris for both Fresh and Saltwater species, to leisurely fishing for an afternoon whilst on your hunting safari.