South Africa

South Africa offers visiting hunters’ great variety. The diversity is not only reflected in the great variety of habitat types but also in the large selection of available game that live in these areas. You can hunt anywhere from the high grass and brush covered mountains known as “The Spine of Africa “to the bushveld of the North, the rolling hills of savannah grassland in the central region, the lush coastal bush and sub-tropical forests along our East-Coast as well as the harsh dry Kalahari with never ending plains ending in magnificent mountains. Our hunting concessions are representative of the diversity of the country and we have concessions in every habitat type discussed. We also understand the individual needs of hunters and as such offer a variety of lodging options in each area from rustic to luxurious. High end lodging options may influence daily rates. South Africa’s excellent infrastructure ensure that you can reach the most remote hunting camp in reasonable driving time from OR Tambo International Airport. Iconic landmarks like the Kruger National Park and magnificent Drakensberg Mountains are well within the visiting tourists reach due to the good road network. Fly in options to regional airports as well as private charters to any of our concessions can be arranged at additional cost should you prefer to avoid the hustle and bustle of local traffic. Our concessions are carefully selected large private game reserves with sound conservation strategies. They offer unique landscapes, rich biodiversity in terms of plant life and game indigenous to that specific area. The quality and diversity ensure exceptional trophies.  The hunting season is primarily from February to November but due to exemption certificates held by our hunting concessions, we can hunt all year long! The prime season for bow hunting is from July to September. Lodging is uniquely South African and range from comfortable to luxurious depending on the hunting area you choose. All our camps offer full service including meals, drinks and a daily laundry service. Alcoholic beverages (in moderation) is also included. Click the icon to view an example of one of our camps. All meals are prepared to a high standard showcasing, local flavours and some traditional dishes as well as game from the hunt. We will accommodate personal dietary. preferences at your request.


The area where our hunting is focused in Namibia is as remote as it gets. Access is via Hosea Kutako International Airport close to the capital of Windhoek. Namibia boasts good road infrastructure but the sheer expanse of the country makes a charter a viable option. Some species considered rare in other parts of Africa can still be found in abundance in Namibia. Hartmann’s Zebra, Damara Dik-Dik, Leopard, Brown Hyena and Cheetah are still available to be hunted. Namibia is a very dry country with a sparse population. The South is characterized by its wide-open spaces dotted by rocky hills and mountains, the result of ancient volcanic activity and in the valleys dry river beds meanders through the ancient landscape. Sparse vegetation consisting of thorny brush and the odd camel thorn tree lining the banks of the dry runs bear testimony to a harsh environment. In the South-East above the escarpment, you will find rolling dunes of an ancient desert sparsely covered in grass and acacia trees. In the valleys and streets between the dunes you will find herds of magnificent oryx (Gemsbok) and “dancing” Kalahari Springbuck, Black Wildebeest, Red Hartebeest as well as the shy and dainty Steenbuck. The quality of the trophies more than make up for the less diverse animal life. In this barren land full of soul, the sunsets are no less than spectacular. The northern territories are more diverse savannah bushveld and a wide variety of game is available to be hunted. Magnificent Kudu, Blue Wildebeest, Impala, Burchell’s Zebra and more abound. Landmarks worth visiting while in Namibia includes the Fish River Canyon in the south, the Namib Dessert in the West, the ghost town of Kolmanskop close to Lüderitz, the Etosha National Park, the Brandberg and Sossusvlei.


Formerly known as Rhodesia and widely regarded as the hunting jewel of Africa in times gone by, Zimbabwe still offers excellent hunting today. The untamed nature of the country makes hunting particularly exciting. Species available include the unique Chobe bushbuck, magnificent Sable and Roan as well as dangerous game. Elephant, Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Hippopotamus and Crocodile are all available. Hunting is in vast open unfenced spaces and is demanding even for the most experienced hunter. Due to the degrading infrastructure of the country, travel takes up a lot of your time. Patience and grit are essential attributes to have, to ensure an enjoyable hunt. The natural splendour of the Zambezi River, Victoria Falls and Lake Kariba makes a visit to these magnificent destinations a must – and a day or two hunting for Tiger Fish with rod and reel should be considered.


Access to Tanzania is by means of the Julius Njerere International Airport on the outskirts of the capitol city Dar es Salaam. As is the case with Zimbabwe, the failing transport infrastructure almost negates the use of a charter service to safely reach the magnificent hunting this country has to offer. In partnership with a local outfitting company, we offer hunting in the world renown Selous Wilderness. This area received World heritage status in 1982 due to its diversity and undisturbed nature. It is one of the oldest nature conservation areas in Africa. The hunting is no less than challenging and definitely for the hunting connoisseur. The hunting camps offer rustic but comfortable accommodation in safari tents and all your needs are catered for by the friendly camp staff.